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Mission & Philosophy

Empowered to Learn, Lead, Excel!

The Empowerment School and Learning Academy seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

T.E.S.A.L.A. will empower students to cultivate respect for self and others by offering opportunities for life-long personal and social development while establishing and achieving educational, personal, and career goals through a personalized learning model which provides multiple learning environments both within and beyond the classroom.

Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with other students and faculty.

We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students’ learning.

Creating roaring, mighty Lions!

Letter from the President

Dr Nefertiti Nowell

Developing the minds and characters of our children may be one of the  greatest responsibilities of both parents and educators.

T.E.S.A.L.A. will build a community that supports the academic excellence and overall well-being of our future leaders.

The world is changing, and our children need all the tools and support that we can offer. Giving a child the COURAGE and CONFIDENCE to acknowledge their strengths, the advantage of high caliber education (with individualized learning and small classes), and the tools to build resilience is the vision of T.E.S.A.L.A.

Come Roar with us!

Thank You,
Dr. Nefertiti Nowell and the T.E.S.A.L.A. Team.

Letter from the Principal

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