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Physical Education & Health

Key Objectives of the PE & Health Program

From Mrs Navarro

Movement and Getting Healthy

  • Establish meaning The teacher presents strategies on how to work together as a team through sportsmanship. Learning rules about each sport lesson that we incorporate in our daily activities. Also in the health section we visit how our body works and how to engage in healthily living.
  • Reinforce the structures by “asking” what the students remember on certain key points that were addressed prior, and during our activities. What could students do to maintain a healthy and safe day ahead of them.
  • Reiterate the material We talk about our day, we go through the house rules of how to play the game, and our final step is to play the game and most importantly have a blast while playing. The biggest key to our personal health success is to know what is good for our bodies how to properly energize our bodies and remembering that this is our biggest job – is to take of ourselves.

Meet Mrs Marilena Linardatou

Hello, T.E.S.A.L.A. families! Welcome to our new school year with plenty of new adventures to endure. I have been blessed and been with Chesterbrook Elementary for seven years now; this will be my fifth year as the PE/health instructor.

I have been with my husband for 21 years now, and we have been honored to be parents, two fabulous kids! They make me who I am as a person. My son is a Senior in Highschool, and my daughter Daniella is a 9th grader.

Please do not hesitate on contacting me for any concerns and or questions you might have.