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Visualization of Literacy

How does literacy enhance critical thinking and problem solving?

The importance of independent reading
In the T.E.S.A.L.A. classroom, the teacher sets aside time for independent reading and chooses books consistent with the individual student’s reading ability and learning style. Selective reading material will help every student with the skills he/she needs to move to the next level.

The importance of the classroom library
The T.E.S.A.L.A. classroom is a literacy-rich environment full of books, word walls, and various reading materials. As educators, we not only support the Common Core standards, but we also provide a learning environment that supports speaking, reading, listening, and writing in a creative way. Our students also have many opportunities to discuss the reading material with each other and exchange ideas.

The importance of the students reading aloud
The teacher encourages students to read aloud to each other, which helps them retain vocabulary more effectively. Students are also given the opportunity to challenge themselves on their own reading level and comprehension. In a balanced literacy program, students can help each other improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Through class discussion, students improve their vocabulary, fluency, and reading confidence.

We invite our parents as guest readers into our classrooms
As a school, we believe that parent participation is paramount for the academic success of our students. We welcome parents and community members to visit our classrooms and select a book or an article to read to students. A dialogue then takes place between the guest reader and the students.

We host a book club for students
Book clubs foster a love of reading and enhance students’ reading comprehension skills in a more relaxed setting.

We collaborate with our local libraries
We are fortunate to be surrounded by many great libraries, and we are creating opportunities for teachers to connect with librarians to bolster our literacy program. Among countless other benefits, libraries can sponsor author visits to our school, which would enable students to meet the authors of the books they read in class and in our book club.