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Strategy & Overview

Curriculum structure:

  • Structured classroom based – lead by the teacher, following a lesson plan. It is not lead by the student, but is rather personalized and tailored for each student.
  • Project based learning – both individual and group projects are incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Personalized learning – lessons plans are tailored and customized for each child to ensure that the child is adequately challenged and learns at his/her own pace
  • Learning through field trips – classroom learning is further enriched via field trips that give a platform for the students to apply their learnings and see them play out in the “real world”.
  • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics incorporated into daily learning, heavy STEM focus strung into the curriculum.
  • Curriculum to be above the 203 and 204 Common Core standards.


Speciality Classes:

  • Art – Emphasis on growing the student’s creativity and confidence by art explorations. Very strong Art program nurturing the young minds.
  • Music – Emphasis on building the student’s creativity and team performance capabilities via choir, musical and dance theatre. Extra lessons available in piano, ukulele.
  • Spanish – Working with students to make them well versed in the second most popular language in the country.
  • Physical Education & Health – Emphasis on nurturing healthy eating and living habits along with having fun via play and various sports.

Standardized Testing:

  • Quizzes and Tests – teachers administer weekly quizzes and tests to assess that the student has grasped the concepts taught during the week.
  • Online Assessment – there are online assessments in reading and math that are administered at least once every trimester to gauge the level of understanding the student has acquired during the said period. The learning plan for each student is then personalized and customized accordingly. “i-Ready” would most likely be the assessment tool for this.
  • End of the year CTP testing – students undertake the CTP online assessments at the end of the year. CTP is a standardized test used by private and independent schools throughout the country.
  • IAR testing – students will be assessed via IAR tests as well, end of the year, to provide a comparison with the public schools in Illinois.


Planned Accreditation:

  • AdvancedED – Although the state of Illinois does not mandate private and independent schools to get accredited, T.E.S.A.L.A. will apply to get AdvanceED accredited.
  • Gifted school – Plans for future are to also try to get accredited as a gifted school.